(updated 01/2017)

The Mary Sue Assistant Editor – San Francisco, CA
April 2015 – Present

  • Delivers strong copy on fast breaking news with minimal turnaround.
  • Drafts multiple longform pieces, going from pitch to publication while adhering to strict deadlines.
  • Moderates comments on a regular basis for all posts on the website.
  • Manages freelancers, providing them with editorial feedback and advice, all while keeping to a tight publication schedule.

Nonchalance – Apprentice – San Francisco, CA
March 2015 – October 2015

  • Wrote and edited treatments, scripts, stories, large-scale communications, and co-wrote songs.
  • Assisted with design of an in-universe set, working from concept to real-world production.
  • Co-created and served as co-editor on a community newsletter.
  • Managed a team of volunteers in world building and story creation.
  • Served as community manager, moderating online forums and fielding support e-mails.
  • Worked as a liaison between volunteer groups and the Nonchalance staff, advising as a member of the community.

Voxer – QA Engineer – San Francisco, CA
November 2012 – February 2015

  • Refined and rewrote outdated test cases.
  • Ensured stability and functionality of unreleased software.
  • Performed testing mostly on various Android, iOS, and Windows platforms and builds.
  • Oversaw Windows Phone testing and test suite maintenance.
  • Oversaw complete QA process for Windows Desktop client from inception to launch.

Sony Computer Entertainment America – Format QA Tester – San Mateo, CA
July 2012 – November 2012

  • Tested functionality and compatibility of a large variety of software and hardware.
  • Addressed issues with minimal turnaround time, adhering to strict formatting standards.
  • Performed large scale issue regression on triple-A video game titles.
  • Completed mastery in 3D and Compatibility testing.

Monogram Biosciences – Clinical Laboratory Technician – South San Francisco, CA
January 2007 – January 2011

  • Performed laboratory procedures (cell lysis / buffering / beading / prep) on a daily routine basis.
  • Performed data entry on various LIS systems.
  • Worked closely with hazardous biological materials.
  • Assisted research and development in preparation of HIV/HPV/Hep-B positive samples.