Jessica’s writing has appeared in a variety of publications. She often writes about the intersection of the LGBT identity with feminism in technology, gaming, and the digital frontier. When she isn’t writing about that, she reviews live music shows covering a host of different genres. In the past, she has covered R&B, Hip-Hop, Rock, Indie, Punk, Pop, Electronica, and everything in between. In her spare time, she also writes fiction and poetry.

Samples can and will be made available on request.

The Mary Sue – Assistant Editor
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08/26/2015 – On Life is Strange’s Empty Spaces and Quiet Moments
08/11/2015 – BoJack Horseman: How I Ended Up Relating to a Cartoon Horse
07/21/2015 – BoJack Horseman Perfectly Captured What It’s Like to Call Out Sexual Harassment in Hollywood

The Mary Sue – Contributing Writer
03/16/2015 – GDC 2015: Still Waiting For Change For Women In Games
03/12/2015 – The Very Best Games At GDC 2015
03/11/2015 – GDC 2015: A Sign That Gaming Is (Finally) Moving In The Right Direction
03/06/2015 – The #1ReasonToBe Panel At GDC Moved A Room Of Gamers To Tears
01/30/2015 – Magic: The Gathering Smiles at Trans Representation with Alesha, Who Smiles at Death
12/15/2014 – Why the Batgirl #37 Controversy is the Conversation We Need Right Now

The Bold Italic
03/12/2015 – Touring the Tasty Russian & Armenian Goodies at Royal Market & Bakery
01/19/2015 – The Ten Lies You Tell Yourself About Renting In SF
11/25/2014 – Photos: Ferguson Protests in Oakland
09/15/2014 – Tech’s Wakeup Call From Your Trans Coworker (also featured on Advocate.com)
08/21/2014 – NYT On the Tech Gentrification of Burning Man

Spinning Platters
02/03/2015 – Knife Party
07/11/2014 – The Antlers with Yellow Ostrich
07/03/2014 – Tove Lo with DJ Aaron Axelsen and Miles the DJ
04/17/2014 – Empire of the Sun with Vin Sol
02/28/2014 – Bleached, Terry Malts, Mystic Braves, and Tropical Popsicle
01/29/2013 – Cody ChesnuTT with Siddhartha

Model View Culture
05/29/2014 – Transitioning In The Digital Age

08/20/2013 – GaymerX Is The Gaming Convention Made For Queers…

Frontiers LA
07/24/2014 – Cosplay: Gay Geeks Play the Part…
07/20/2014 – Power-Ups and Politics